D Paffett

Great agency! The case manager is very diligent in keeping up with any insurance related issues. All of the nurses that we have worked with through Personal Health Care have always been competent, caring, and dependable.

Missy Love

My mom has been declining in health for just as long. Personal Health Care has been there for her care so that I am comfortable to go to work & to come home with my mother in good spirits. The staff are friendly and easy to talk to.

Brenda Pickens

I really enjoy working for Personal Health Care!! I have great scheduling flexibility, and the efficient office communication ensures quality care for the clients we serve. Very good place to work.

Maggie Whitaker

Hey I am here to let you know that personal health care is the place to be the clients are the best I love working for PHC staff is very home base where they care about both families and staff they rock.